About Me


How the time flies! I started creating Let's Play videos for Youtube in the fall of 2015 but quickly switched to streaming when I found Beam (now Mixer). As an avid Beam viewer, I was encouraged by some streamers their to start streaming and have never looked back.  Most recently, I have moved over to the Dlive platform. I love the added fun that interacting with the viewers brings to the game.

Unlike many of the streamers out there I haven't always been a gamer; I was introduced to WoW and Minecraft by my husband (iColin) a while back and more recently to 7 Days to Die. Lately, I have been making the odd foray into other games. All in the name of fun!


Why you so mad? A question I am often asked! 

My name came about because people say I'm crazy (mad) for having seven children. Therefore, I am one mad mamma! 



A bit of background info FYI:

I am an avid dog lover!  I have been obedience training and showing dogs since I was 12 years old and have loved every minute of it! You will often hear my velcro dog, Siren, singing at the most  (in)opportune times during the stream. She is impeccable at predicting when the horde will be coming!   Also in the wings is my newest girl, Cookie, who is learning all the tricks from Siren. 



                                I am an ex-firefighter. My husband and I were both volunteer firefighters before joining the military. 



We both miss it dearly and will talk about it endlessly if prompted. Don't ask unless you are ready to hear about it! 

I am also ex-military. I have served with the Canadian Forces briefly as an Armour Officer.

I am currently working on combining my knowledge of the military and first responder cultures, my psychology background, and my dog training passion together in order to train PTSD service dogs.